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Perhaps one of the least known facts about prescription lenses is that there truly are differences in lens materials, manufacturing processes, and coating technologies—differences that can noticeably affect how well you see with your new glasses. Manufacturers are constantly upgrading the design, technology, and Rx availability of their products, and as an independent optical retailer we are able to help you choose the right lens for you from among the many choices on the market. In many cases we also have the freedom to choose which laboratory makes your lenses, which is especially important for higher prescriptions or challenging frame shapes.

The latest technology in progressive (no-line bifocal) and single vision lenses are “digital” designs, which are essentially custom-designed and manufactured lenses specific to your frame and your prescription. Digital lenses offer sharper vision and reduced peripheral distortion, particularly in progressive lenses and higher prescriptions. Special computer-assisted measurements that take into account the actual position and adjustment of the new frame on your face are necessary to correctly design these lenses. At Active Eyecare, we will be proud to introduce you to these advanced designs for your next pair of glasses!

Other available options include:

  • Anti-reflective and scratch resistant lenses
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Transitions

In addition to these products we also utilize our local doctor-owned laboratory in order to improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing your eyeglasses.

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